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Halloween Happy Hour

Looking for an exciting way to “dress up” your cocktails this Halloween? No costumes needed here – with a little Penguin Brand® Dry Ice, you can add a spooky effect to any drink! Check out the sample recipes below, from ‘Bubbling Witches Brew’ to ‘Ghost-tinis’ and everything in between – don’t forget to serve your […]

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Recipes for Irresistible Ice Cream Made with Dry Ice

By The Penguin in Cooking Fun Stuff Recipes 5 Comments

Churn up some creamy, delicious fun frozen treats using these dry ice ice cream recipes in the comfort of your kitchen! Before getting started, use our store locator to find dry ice near you – it may be in the same place you buy your recipe ingredients! Homemade Dry Ice Ice Cream Recipe  What you […]

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How to Safely Use Dry Ice in Beverages

From keeping your food fresh to creating awesome fog effects… what can’t Penguin Brand® Dry Ice do? Check out these helpful tips so that you can have fun with dry ice while using it safely in beverages. Due to its density, dry ice will always stay at the bottom of a glass. For added safety and to […]

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Fizzy Fruit Fun Dry Ice Recipe

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Put a whole new twist on fruit by adding Penguin Brand® Dry Ice. Create a tasty carbonated snack that everyone will enjoy with our yummy recipe for fizzy fruit. Fizzy Fruit Recipe What you will need: 2-3 lbs. of Penguin Brand® dry ice Your favorite fruits, sliced (The Penguin likes apples, kiwis and strawberries) A […]

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How to Tailgate with the Penguin

The Penguin is a pro at tailgating and has a few pointers to share with you! Follow these tips to score big with your family and friends on gameday: Check out our handy video. The Penguin created a video to show you how to pack that perfect cooler to last  through your tailgate. Watch it […]

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