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How to Clean Your Terrarium with Dry Ice

Terrariums are no fun to clean, but dry ice is here to help! It’s safe, non-toxic and beats the heck out of getting in there with a brush and bleach. Here’s how to do it: 1. Temporarily move any terrarium residents (i.e. frogs or other amphibians, reptiles, plants) to a safe location. 2. Get a […]

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Who Invited the Mosquitoes? A Guide to Fending off Pesky Bloodsuckers

Whether you’re fishing or grilling with friends, being bitten by mosquitoes can ruin any outdoor adventure. To avoid becoming a tasty treat, use dry ice to distract the buggers! Here’s how it works: Mosquitoes are drawn to carbon dioxide, which is produced by mammals when they breathe and by charcoal when it burns. The key […]

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Bubbles with Dry Ice

Ordinary soap and water bubbles from your childhood are now a thing of the past with the help of dry ice! Our favorite super scientist, Steve Spangler, has created a video of a dry-ice bubble experiment that you can safely try at home: To recap, here’s what you need: Plastic jar with a lid 1 […]

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Giving Thanks – For Dry Ice!

Every year, many families invite their dearest relatives into one house to celebrate everything they are thankful for. With most of these folks coming in from out of town, it usually becomes a weekend affair of catching up, playing games and eating lots of food. What’s the easiest way to keep food for a full […]

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