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Party Tricks From The Penguin

Looking to get creative for your child’s birthday party this year? Dry ice is the perfect accessory to incorporate into several popular party themes. Whether you’re creating a winter wonderland with Elsa or mixing potions with Harry Potter, The Penguin has you covered! Elsa’s Winter Wonderland As one of the most successful movies of all […]

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Holiday Survival Tips From The Penguin!

The holiday season has arrived and The Penguin is ready to celebrate! Hosting your next family get-together, traveling home or creating your own winter wonderland? Have no fear – Penguin Brand® Dry Ice is here to help. The Penguin has compiled a list of his favorite holiday and winter-themed tips using dry ice: Dry Ice […]

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Recipes for Irresistible Ice Cream Made with Dry Ice

By The Penguin in Cooking Fun Stuff Recipes 5 Comments

Churn up some creamy, delicious fun frozen treats using these dry ice ice cream recipes in the comfort of your kitchen! Before getting started, use our store locator to find dry ice near you – it may be in the same place you buy your recipe ingredients! Homemade Dry Ice Ice Cream Recipe  What you […]

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How to Tailgate with the Penguin

The Penguin is a pro at tailgating and has a few pointers to share with you! Follow these tips to score big with your family and friends on gameday: Check out our handy video. The Penguin created a video to show you how to pack that perfect cooler to last  through your tailgate. Watch it […]

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Dry Ice is a Cool Color Indicator

The Penguin really enjoys science – especially when dry ice is involved! One of his favorite dry ice activities is captured in this video of a chemical demonstration that was conducted at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Check out the video, titled ‘Colorful Indicators’, below: When conducting any science experiments with dry ice, The Penguin […]

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Dry Ice Meets Liquid Nitrogen

Dry ice is extremely cold, but did you know that liquid nitrogen is more than 200 degrees colder than dry ice? What would happen if you were to mix liquid nitrogen (at a stunning -346 degrees Fahrenheit) with dry ice? Luckily, we have great science resources over at Frostbite Theater, put on by the Jefferson Lab, […]

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Bubbles with Dry Ice

Ordinary soap and water bubbles from your childhood are now a thing of the past with the help of dry ice! Our favorite super scientist, Steve Spangler, has created a video of a dry-ice bubble experiment that you can safely try at home: To recap, here’s what you need: Plastic jar with a lid 1 Threaded […]

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Penguin Parent Has a Need for Speed

This Saturday, you’ll be able to see the logo for Airgas – Penguin’s proud parent company – in an unusual venue. In partnership with VF Imagewear, the logo will be racing around the Dover Speedway on a NASCAR racecar during the Buckle Up 200, part of the NASCAR Nationwide Series. The grandson of Legend Richard […]

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Announcing our “Win a Custom Wave Weapons Surfboard” contest winner…finally!

Now that we’ve recovered from the excitement of our fantastic October Dry Ice Photo Contest, let’s take a trip back to warmer days. This past summer, we held a competition at the U.S. Open of Surfing to win a custom Wave Weapons surfboard. We had a heck of a time nailing down the winner (he seemed to […]

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