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Who Invited the Mosquitoes? A Guide to Fending off Pesky Bloodsuckers

Whether you’re fishing or grilling with friends, being bitten by mosquitoes can ruin any outdoor adventure. To avoid becoming a tasty treat, use dry ice to distract the buggers! Here’s how it works: Mosquitoes are drawn to carbon dioxide, which is produced by mammals when they breathe and by charcoal when it burns. The key […]

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Using Dry Ice on Your Camping Trip

Whether you’re going to the mountains or the sandy shores of the coast, camping is always a pleasant break from a busy schedule. Campers frequently ask The Penguin about using dry ice to transport frozen or perishable food or how to store these items in a cooler. Here are a few general tips: Pack frozen […]

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Three Pieces of Must-Have Hunting and Hiking Gear

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We’re deep into September, so it’s only a matter of days before the leaves begin to change colors and the temperatures drop. Whether you hunt or simply enjoy hiking, it’s the perfect time to get outdoors. Our friends at Field & Stream have put together a long list of their favorite gear that’s perfect for […]

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Five Fun Fall Activities for the Kids

The change of seasons is a great time to introduce some fresh family fun to your routine.  Whether you celebrate Halloween, Oktoberfest or Fall Festivus here are five great ways to make sure your family doesn’t miss out on all the allure autumn has to offer. Make the most of your local farm’s pumpkin patches, apple picking, […]

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Calling All Mixologists: Help us Create the Ultimate St. Patrick’s Day Cocktail!

At Penguin Brand® Dry Ice we would love to show you the super-secret recipe for our featured St. Patrick’s Day Dry Ice Cocktail but you haven’t created it yet!  That’s right, mixologists, it’s time to get out the muddler, two-sided jigger and cocktail shaker and show us what you’ve got. In fact, we’re offering up […]

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