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Check Out IMNOTTHENANNY’s Excellent Dry Ice Soda Experiment

One of the incredible properties of dry ice is its ability to infuse almost any food or drink with carbonation.

Blogger and mom Thien-Kim Lam recently discovered the carbonation trick with her two children, and posted about her experiences on her site I’m Not the Nanny.

What’s really amazing, besides how adorable her kids are, is that she put a sweet spin on the typical carbonation experiment. Instead of using plain water, Thien-Kim added a bit of flavored syrup to the mix, creating a sweet, chilled soda treat.

Thanks for sharing your experiment with the world, Thien-Kim!

Be sure to check out the “Cool Science” section of, and Thien-Kim’s blog, for more great experiment ideas.

Have a great dry ice experiment to share of your own? Send it in (with photos!) and we’ll send you a fantastic vintage Penguin Brand Dry Ice T-Shirt!


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